Practical Information

Getting to Tanzania

What do I need before I start my Visa application for Tanzania?
You need to purchase your flight, book your hotel room and provide an invitation letter from MOBILIZE Team before beginning your Visa application.

Do I need a Visa to enter Tanzania?
Please review the country list for visa requirements. Most everyone will need a Visa to enter Tanzania, we strongly recommend doing this before arrival. Prices will range $50 European/$100 USA

Where do I get an Invitation Letter for my VISA application?
If you require an Invitation Letter as part of your Visa Application, please contact

Do I need any vaccines before traveling to Tanzania?
The government of Tanzania requires proof of yellow fever vaccination upon arrival if you are traveling from a country with risk of yellow fever. A Yellow Fever vaccination certificate is only required for travellers coming from – or who are in airport transit for more than 12 hours within – a country with risk of Yellow Fever transmission.


Do I need Malaria Medication?
Malaria: We highly advise that you take tablets for prevention of malaria. Please contact your local health practitioner for a prescription.


While in Dar es Salaam

Where should I stay in Dar es Salaam?
We recommend you stay in the City Center, there are a range of hotels to fit any budget. Ramada, Holiday Inn, Serena, Southern Sun and Hyatt were all reviewed by the MOBILIZE Team and will serve you well.

What is the USD exchange rate in Tanzania Shillings?
Exchange rate: $1 USD = 2,230 Tanzania Shillings . There are ATM machines at the airport, all banks (with few banks open on Sundays), credit cards are accepted in most places.

What is the name of the Airport and Airport code for Dar es Salaam, Tanzania?
Julius Nyerere International Airport (JNIA), 12 kms from Venue location, 40 minutes travel time.

Are there ATMs and/or currency exchange counters at the airport?There are currency exchange and 2 ATM cash machines available landside, none inside the airport terminal.

Will there be airport pick up?

What do you recommend for ground transportation at the airport?
Airport Transfer ($30 USD as of 2015 or 30,000Tsh)

  1. Exchange money first to shillings to get a better taxi rate at the airport taxi stand.
  2. Coordinate with a Tour Operator for a better rate for airport transfer.
  3. Taxis will charge round trip fare to airport from hotel, find a taxi stand near hotel to be charged one way fare.
  4. Uber pick-up, 15,000 TZS, will be outside the airport parking near the roadway

What is the estimated cost for a taxi from the airport to the Dar es Salaam (where the venue & hotel are located)? Airport Taxi to  Dar es Salaam City Center: estimated at $30 USD (approx. $30 USD or 30,000Tsh as of 2015).

What is the estimated travel time from the airport to the City Center Dar es Salaam?
The journey is approximately 40 minutes.

Do taxis accept credit cards?
Uber operates in Dar es Salaam as an alternative. Hailed Taxis and Airport Taxis at the airport do not accept credit cards.

What will the weather be like in June in Dar es Salaam?
June is considered winter with a chance for rain in Dar es Salaam.  Average temperatures:

High: 82F/28C

Low: 66F/19C

What is the air quality like in the Metropolitan Area?
Moderate smog during rush hours.  Smoking is outdoors only.

What is the electricity voltage in Tanzania?
In Tanzania the power sockets are of type D and G (commonly used). The standard voltage is 220/240V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz.  For more info, click here.

Is the water safe to drink?
It is not safe to drink from the tap. It is advised to use mineral water for drinking and brushing for your own safety.

What is Tanzanian Cuisine?
Tanzanian cuisine is both unique and widely varied. Along the coastal regions including Dar es Salaam, spicy foods are common, with high influence of the Indian Cuisine. However, many options are available. We will provide recommendations as they arises via our mobile application.

Are there any medical facilities near the venue?
Aga Khan Hospital

Address: Ocean Road

Telephone: +255 22 211 5151/53

IST Clinic

Address: Ruvu Street, the International School of Tanganyika Masaki Campus on the Msasani peninsula

Telephone: +255 022 2601307



What is the address of the MOBILIZE venue?

Name: Serena Hotel Dar es Salaam

Address: Ohio Street, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

+255 22 221 2500.

What is the dress code for the conference?
Business casual for the conference, casual for site visits, and optional festive for reception.

What language will the conference be held in?
The conference will be in English.

Is there internet and WIFI available?
Wifi will be made available at the Conference Venue, although speed and connections may be inconsistent. There is limited WIFI or Free connections in Tanzania. We will do our best to provide physical addresses and static maps for all event locations.