Amy Malaki

Program Manager, Transportation, ClimateWorks Foundation

Amy Malaki is the Program Manager for the transportation portfolio at the ClimateWorks Foundation where she focuses on philanthropic strategies to advance a sustainable, affordable, and low-carbon mobility system for people and goods movement. She focuses on policies to support cleaner and more efficient vehicle and fuel technologies, increasing availability of efficient transportation choices including active and shared mobility, and broadening support for a transition to cleaner fuels. She also leads the international aviation initiative at ClimateWorks. Prior to ClimateWorks Amy served on the Global Development team at Better Place, a Silicon Valley electric vehicle network company where she was responsible for business development and strategic partnership efforts across Asia. She has several years of experience as a consultant and subject matter expert to Fortune 500 high-tech clients on topics ranging from China market development strategies to supply chain sustainability and data center energy efficiency. Amy has a B.A. in Chinese and a B.A. in China Studies both from the University of Washington and a M.A. in International Policy Studies (Energy and Environment) from Stanford University.