Claudio Orrego

Former Governor of Santiago

Claudio Orrego is a Chilean lawyer, politician, academic and international consultant. He has a large career in the public sector holding offices related to urban issues and state modernization. Politically, he is a member and leader of the Christian-Democrat Party, and was a presidential candidate for the 2013 race. During his recent tenure as Governor of the Santiago Metropolitan Region, he supported the design and implementation of the new legal framework for regional and metropolitan elected governments. He lead the development of a city strategy for sustainable transport (including the active promotion of the use of bicycles, public buses and Metro), urban parks, and plans for clean air and recycling. Prior, he was Mayor of Peñalolén for eight years, one of the largest and most diverse municipalities of Chile. He transformed a low-income municipality known for its large squatter villages, into a middle-income, socially diverse and innovative municipality. As Minister of Housing, and also in his role as Head of the State Modernization Commission, he gained national recognition for promoting digital governance initiatives ranging from the implementation of the first government online procurement system to the digitalization of public services, such as the tax filing process or application of housing subsidies. He holds a Law degree from the Catholic University of Chile and a Master’s degree on Public Policy from Harvard Kennedy School of Government.