Jemilah Magnusson

Global Communications Director, ITDP

With a more than 15-year background in non-profit communications and international development journalism, Jemilah heads ITDP’s global communications team. She oversees ITDP publications (print and online), social media campaigns, strategic promotions, and global knowledge management and draws on her wealth of non-profit sector experience as a communications advisor to ITDP’s global field offices. She has worked in every one of ITDP’s program areas—including bus transit, walking and cycling, parking reform, climate change, and road safety. Before joining ITDP in 2012, Jemilah was a managing editor for United Nations–sponsored publications (Peace Child International), a journalist for The Green Guide (now part of National Geographic), a communications director for one of the oldest microfunding organizations in the United States (Citizens Committee of New York City), and a communications and event lead for renowned international and NYC-based organizations such as the Buckminster Fuller Institute.