Lake Sagaris

Associate Adjunct Professor of Transport Engineering, PUC Chile

Lake Sagaris is an internationally recognized expert on cycle-inclusive urban planning, civil society development, and participatory planning theory and practice as they relate to urban-regional governance. She was recently named in TUMI’s 2019 “Remarkable Women in Transport,” as a female change-maker in transforming mobility.  An award-winning writer and editor, she began her working life in Chile in 1980, as a freelance journalist with the London Times, Toronto Globe and Mail, Miami Herald, and other publication houses. Her current work uses participatory action research methods and community-government partnerships in Santiago and Temuco (Chile) to apply an intermodal approach based on “ecologies of modes and actors” to transition toward more sustainable transport. She focuses on resilience, social justice and inclusion, particularly gender, safety and security issues. These experiences have led to awards in Chile and abroad, participation in a UN Expert Group meeting on sustainable transport, and presentations in in Latin America, Europe, Canada, Taiwan, the US, and India. Sagaris holds a Master’s of Science and a PhD in Urban Planning and Community Development  from the University of Toronto.