Luc Nadal

Technical Director of Urban Development, ITDP

Luc Nadal is Technical Director for Urban Development at ITDP. Since 2005, he has helped start up and grow the ITDP’s Sustainable Urban Development program promoting pedestrian-transit malls in Dakar and Dar es Salaam, historic center revitalization in Sao Paulo, public space upgrades along BRT corridors in Guangzhou and Harbin, and transit-oriented planning in Pune, Lanzhou, Yichang, Mexico City, and Rio de Janeiro. Luc is the lead author of ITDP’s TOD Standard- a tool for planning guidance, assessment, and recognition of good practice in integrating building, public space, and sustainable urban transport. He was previously an exchange scholar at Kyoto University, Principal of LMJN Architect, and he has taught at Columbia University, The New School University, and Parsons School of Design. He has written extensively about urban public space planning, design, history and meaning. Luc received his Ph.D. in Urban Planning with distinction from Columbia University and his Architect Diploma (DPLG) from Ecole d’Architecture de Paris at La Villette.