Riri Asnita

Head of Special Infrastructure Commitment Division, City of Jakarta

Riri Asnita is the Head of Special Infrastructure Commitment Division for Regional Strategic Project of DKI Jakarta Provincial Public Works Agency. Her projects focus sidewalk  improvement projects all over Jakarta and in 2018, the Head of the Public Works Agency nicknamed Riri the “Ratu Trotoar,” the “Queen of Sidewalks.” She works closely with the governor of DKI Jakarta to improve the quality of pedestrian facilities and campaigning to promote walkable Jakarta. Committed to creating a pedestrian-friendly Jakarta, she is a successful top-level female government official with the penchant for inclusivity and needs of the vulnerable groups. She has been invited into various seminars or talks as an honorable speaker. She holds a Master in Public Administration from the Krisnadwipayana University, Jakarta and a B.S. in environmental engineering Trisakti University, Jakarta.