Torbjörn Suneson

VREF Board Member | Former Director for Strategic Development, Swedish Transport Administration

Torbjörn Suneson is a landscape architect and has been a member of the VREF Board since 2013. Suneson was the Strategy Director, Director of Market and Planning, and Acting Director General at the Swedish Transport Administration. He was responsible for the preparation of the Swedish Government’s National Transport Plan for 2010-2021 and 2014–2025. He has also been responsible for the development of the regulation and methods for transport planning; developing multidisciplinary approaches and better coordination between transport planning, regional planning, and city planning. When the Swedish Transport Administration was established in 2010, Suneson organized the new unit of Strategic Development responsible for Strategic Planning, Research, and Innovation. Before that, he was recruited as Chief Architect to the Swedish Road Administration in 2003 and rose to Strategy Director in 2008. He was also previously a Professor of Landscape Architecture and Head of the Department of Landscape Planning at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala.