Valentino Sevino

Mobility Planning Area Director, City of Milan

Valentino Sevino is the Mobility Planning Area Director at AMAT – Mobility Environment, and Territory Agency. After ten years of experience in the field of mobility and environment at the European Commission, Metropolitana Milanese and AMAT too, he has been Head of Mobility Planning Area at AMAT (Environmental Mobility and Territory Agency, City of Milan) since 2008. He is an expert in Sustainable Mobility (Electric Mobility, Car Sharing), Public Transport Planning and Public Transport Regulation, Pedestrian Areas, bicycle mobility and parking regulations. He has participated in several European project related to Smart City, Smart Mobility, Smart Parking, Urban Mobility and City Logistics (TIDE, City Mobil 2, FR-EVUE, Sharing Cities). He has a degree in Architecture from the Politecnico di Milano and a Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering.